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  • Date : Varies
  • Time : Varies
  • Location : Varies
  • Who Can Attend : Men, Women 24-40 yrs. old Men, Women 40 yrs. old
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  • Category : Men, Women
About Ministry

We support singles in their unique life of singleness. We believe strongly that living single does not mean being subject to living unhappy, lonely, or recklessly footloose. Our ministry continually debunks the common misconception that living single is the same as living uncommitted. How so? We respond to our single demographic by providing social and recreational activities, without the pressure of dating. Our Unmarried's Ministry is comprised of two groups, 24-40 and 40+. Occasionally, both groups will get together for a common activity.  Activities include, Hiking/picnics, Prayer breakfasts & conferences, volleyball/bowling, book club, cooking parties, Christian music concerts, farmers' market trips, community cleanup/volunteer, and outreach: Convalescent visits.