Ministry Details
  • Date : Sundays
  • Time : 10am
  • Location : 2715 S White Rd, San Jose, CA 95148
  • Who Can Attend : Children 3-11 yrs. old
  • Join :
  • Category : Children
About Ministry

Our children's ministry focuses on equipping our children for the future, because we realize East Valley’s longevity and future spiritual success lies in the hands of our children. We wish to instill our children with strong scriptural truths on their level. We see the need to energetically, heroically, passionately, and fearlessly shape this new generation for God. We must lead our children to realize and experience what is true reality in a world that promotes virtual reality.This equipping often takes place in an environment of serious, kid-size fun, but also in moments of reverence through child-oriented worship. We are parent friendly! We encourage our parents and caregivers to join hands with us to guard the hearts and shape the minds of our children with the timeless messages from God’s Holy, infallible Word.