Gift of Giving

We are in the business of changing lives for the kingdom of God

At EVPC our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds.  Our mission is to change lives for the kingdom of God, and we understand we cannot do it alone.  We need your help, and together we can fulfill our honor to God.

Giving to the Church Programs

Tithing is an ACT of FAITH that shows (1) we believe all that we have belongs to the Lord, and (2) that we trust that He will provide all that we need. Scripture instructs us to bring our “first fruits” to the Lord.  In regards to our finances, this means that before we spend on anything else, we are to give back to the Lord 10% of your gross income.

To help you take that STEP of FAITH, we encourage you to start tithing today to EVPC. You are welcome to Tithe an amount that is most comfortable for you.  Do it out of love for God, not guilt.

The EVPC Bible Quizzing team competes with other church organizations both locally and nationally. Your generous offerings will support their efforts and travel expenses.
EVPC hosts special events for our members throughout the year, such as Easter Sunday service or Messiah drama to Family Camping Trips and Evergreen Family Festival.  Your generous offerings will support these special events.
The EVPC house of worship holds not only our church members, their family and guests during services, and special ceremonies, but the facility is used to house a full functioning private Christian School for children from preschool to 8th grade. Your generous offerings will assist with the church facility.
If you are unsure of which program to support, we encourage you to Tithe or provide a general offering.

But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you—see that you also excel in this grace of giving. (2 Corinthians 8:7)

We want to perpetually spread the love of God no matter where our steps lead us, not just when we assemble together at church, but in how we impact our community.

The Operation Matthew project brings us together to impact our homeless community.  Each month we travel to local parks and give hygiene products and lunches to the homeless, while we talk to and pray for those we meet.  The Compassion in Action project brings us together each month in partnership with Second Harvest Food’s supplemental Family Harvest Program to distribute nutritious, high quality food to help feed struggling families in need in Santa Clara County.  Your generous offerings will assist in supporting our programs that directly impact our community.

Giving to the Ministries

Our children’s ministry focuses on equipping our children for the future, because we realize EVPC’s longevity and future spiritual success lies in the hands of our children. We wish to instill our children with strong scriptural truths on their level. Your generous offerings will assist in maintaining our Sunday School program
East Valley Christian School exists to glorify God through excellence in Christian education, and it is evident that God’s hand has blessed us. We have celebrated 27 years of Excellence in Christian Education.Your generous offerings will assist in maintaining the Christian School programs, serving our community members from grade K-8th.
Kiddie Kountry is a preschool with an experienced staff dedicated to help children develop the skills they will need to become happy and productive children. Our purpose is to enrich the child’s knowledge, capabilities, spiritual development and self-esteem.Your generous offerings will assist in maintaining the Pre-School program, serving our community members little angels.
Our youth community have found a special place in Frontline Movement Ministries to grow and fellowship with one another in the name of the Lord.  They stay active from local ministry gatherings to regional events and conferences. Your generous offerings will assist in supporting the Frontline Movement , serving our youth members from ages 12-17.
CNC is one of our richest ministries in following Jesus.  Their passion is to love the people around them–teach forgiveness, show mercy to the weak, and give hope to the hopeless–all for lifting up the name of Jesus.  Your generous offerings will assist in supporting the Frontline Movement, serving our community members from ages 18-30.
We share the Word of God and His love through mission projects, special donations, and crusades throughout the world. Current programs we are supporting include Mother’s Memorial, an international Ladies Ministries fund drive that supports the welfare of missionaries and their families while in foreign countries, Sheaves for Christ, supporting missions and ministries around the world, including providing automobiles for global missionaries and funding for new construction of churches and Christian colleges in third-world nations, and Go.Tugon Foundation, Inc., providing humanitarian support to Philippines and other impoverished Asian nations.  Your generous offerings will assist in supporting our programs that directly impact community members of the world.
Any amount matters

How to Give

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