Event Listing

We are honored to host Dr. Irvin Baxter’s ENDTIME PROPHECY Conference, here at the church on April 7th @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm and April 8th @ 10:00 am – 12:00pm

APRIL 7th (6-8pm) Topics Include:

  • President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  • Trump’s Peace Plan to be Revealed Soon – “Ultimate Deal”
  • Netanyahu: “Trump thinks outside the box.”
  • Will Final Seven Years Begin in 2018?
  • Mideast Peace—Greatest Prophetic Fulfillment in Over 2,000 Years!

APRIL 8th (10am-12pm) Topics Include:

  • Breaking Prophetic Fulfillments
  • Q&A Session to Follow

ABOUT Dr. Baxter:  Irvin Baxter is the founder and president of Endtime Ministries. He is a television and radio talk-show host, author, publisher, and international prophecy teacher.  Irvin felt God call him to start traveling as an evangelist at the age of 19. He began pastoring when he was 26, and continued for 34 years until he made the decision to devote all of his time to Endtime Ministries.  He has appeared on HBO, Discovery Channel and CNN, and has been interviewed by Cloud Ten Pictures, The Washington Post, The History Channel and Associated Press. He’s been a frequent guest on Daystar with Marcus and Joni Lamb, TBN’s Praise the Lord with the late Dr. Paul Crouch and Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Endtime Ministries focuses on explaining world events from a biblical perspective. The ministry’s purpose is to prove that we are now at the end of the era of human government and very near the beginning of the prophesied Kingdom of God.

About credit from: www.endtime.com/irvin-baxter