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How may we help you?

I'm new to EVPC

Welcome!  We hope you and your family  find  an everlasting place in our worship.  Visit  our  About and Worship page to learn more about EVPC or come to our Sunday morning, and mid-week services to experience what we’re all about.


The Ministry staff of EVPC is here to serve your spiritual needs.  Our view of counseling practice includes the importance of prayer, dependence on God, and knowledge of the Word of God.  Please contact the church office to set up an appointment.

Join a Ministry

Ministry is an opportunity for you to help others while pointing them to God.  You gain fellowship with others, build on your skill sets, and enjoy a purpose.  There are a variety of ministries for men, women and children to join (visit Ministries page).


We value our community’s talents.  Whether you have a calling for teaching, music, greeting, serving or you’re unsure, there are a lot of great causes and events that can use your expertise.  See the Events page for the latest opportunities.  We thank you!

Join a Small Group

A great way to join a quality fellowship, bible study and develop strong friendships all in the comfort of a home setting.  Anyone is welcome to joining a Small Group, and encouraged to lead a Small Group.  EVPC offers leadership training (see Events page).


Donations come in all shapes and sizes, and we will honor any such gift that may assist in fulfilling our community and/or missions.  Contact our church office for more information.  If you’d like to gift an online monetary donation please click here

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